Artist: Vyacheslav (Yura) Useinov.

The idea is to initiate in the internal environment of artistic habitation a reflection on the "glacial period of consciousness". To break the habitual course of everyday things, ignoring the current idea of ​​the swastika as a negative symbol and giving the sign its original meaning, namely through the demonstration of the silk mandala in the technique of chia in the cavity of the art space. Narrative of the attempt on the Buddhist symbol through skeletal models of dinosaurs, through their plastic configuration of frozen intentions. This project is in the imperative of both Western and Eastern history. Creating choreography of outdoor space on the principle of "shuidao": action without action - to some extent the object approximates the language reading, in the body of which the conceptual beating connects the past and the present in its conflict point. Two-meter size of dinosaurs all its kind gives out human habits or vice versa, perhaps a man gives out the habits of extinct dinosaurs. "Theft of the swastika" is a moment of one interpretation warning about possible consequences, as it was already with fascist Germany, etc.

The project is as follows: (see photos) in the center is the Buddhist mandala in Bonovskaya stylistics. This mandala is surrounded by five models of dinosaurs of different sizes, the tallest figure is 200 cm high. Under the mandala on the floor is a planar swastika composition lined with white cocoons framed by a red fleecy zone. This installation was demonstrated in Tashkent only once in 2013.

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Installation: “Stealing the swastika”
Technique: a detail of the installation "Stealing the swastika" - Mandala.
Fragment of the installation "Stealing the swastika": cocoon, acrylic nap, fabric.
"Based on Samarkand architecture" - a fragment of the installation "Stealing the swastika"
"Source" - a fragment of the installation "Stealing the swastika"
"Based on Bukhara architecture" - a fragment of the installation "Stealing the swastika"
"Geometry of time" - a fragment of the installation "Stealing the swastika"
"Drift from the shores of Jerusalem" - a fragment of the installation "Stealing the swastika"